Dorothea's Boat
Dorothea's Boat
12 Tracks - 2015 Produced by David Lawrie
After a successful Kickstarter campaign Dorothea's Boat was able to set sail. Riding on the back of, and including the title pieces from 2013's Storm Petrel and Over, Under EPs, the album is a 12 track exploration of vocals, found sounds, zithers, electroacoustics and big beats. Released on limited edition 12" vinyl (complete with exclusive risographic print) and digital download. You can get your copy HERE.


  1. I am Megalodon
  2. Dorothea
  3. Flourine
  4. Hypochondriacal
  5. Storm Petrel
  6. Bromine
  7. Over, Under
  8. Species
  9. Gravity and Oxygen
  10. The Serpent and Her Fangs
  11. Chlorine
  12. Traffic Lights at Night [Yumiko]
Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers Discography (for voice and accompaniment)
Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers
8 Tracks - 2008
Produced by David Lawrie

Third solo album Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment) constituted my Master's Degree portfolio. The album is available in the shop as a CD, limited edition package, or digital download.


  1. From Me to You
    (for singing bowl and mixing desk)
  2. Your Patient
    (for lust and self control)
  3. T'as Dit Quoi
    (pour la haine et une appel téléphonique)
  4. Sinner, Gambler, Fugitive
    (for human gears and manual error)
  5. Saffron
    (for butchershop septet)
  6. Your Student
    (for hammered dulcimer and bottleneck fingers)
  7. Tethys: My Love, My Saviour
    (for Medusa: my mistress, the masochist)
  8. Liar, Charlatan, Jinxmonger
    (for voice and piano)
Akuma / Tenshi
Akuma / Tenshi
13 Tracks - 2007
Produced by David Lawrie

This album constituted the final project for my Bachelor's Degree in Music Production. It is available as a CD on its own, or in a special edition package of Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment). Both are available in the shop.


  1. Entrance
  2. Akuma
  3. In Limbo
  4. The Feeding
  5. Orchid Pt.i - Prelude
  6. Orchid Pt.ii - Rocks, Leaves, Poor Man, King
  7. Orchid Pt.iii - Tenshi
  8. Orchid Pt.iv - Petals, Limbs, Bones, Branches
  9. Orchid Pt.v - Exude
  10. Lullabye for an Eye
  11. Liquorice Root
  12. Exit (Broken Heart)
  13. Coma
6 Tracks - 2006
Produced by David Lawrie

This was the first album I wrote and produced during my undergraduate studies in Music Production. It is comprised of pieces from various modules of the first and second year of the course.

Shibuyascape was released exclusively as a CD, but is no longer officially available to buy, however, some copies do still show up on Ebay and Amazon Marketplace if you want to get your hands on it.


  1. Hesitation
  2. Intrinsic Reach
  3. Into Blue
  4. Sober
  5. Fragile Wings
  6. Shibuyascape



Dorothea EP
Dorothea EP
4 Tracks - 2015
Produced by David Lawrie

The third EP to be released around Dorothea's Boat, but the first to be released after the album. This EP features the opening theme to the film Of Shark And Man, "The Opportunity," as well as a remix of "Over, Under", and "Traffic Lights At Night [Yumiko]" live in the forest.

The video for "Dorothea" is a 3D extension of the Dorothea's Boat, whilst the video for "The Opportunity" is a 3D lyric video, based on the Dorothea EP cover.


  1. Dorothea
  2. The Opportunity
  3. Over, Under [Nearer's Weathering The Storm Remix]
  4. Traffic Lights At Night [Yumiko] [Live In The Forest]

Storm Petrel EP
Storm Petrel EP
3 Tracks - 2013
Produced by David Lawrie

Storm Petrel is the second solo release of 2013. The strictly limited edition of 250 heavy weight virgin black 7" vinyls has an AA side of "Feline", which was written in memory of my childhood friend, Liam, who unfortunately passed away earlier in 2013.

The vinyl also comes with a download code to receive a third piece, "Liquorice Root." as well as digital versions of the A and AA side.
You can get your copy in the shop.


  1. Storm Petrel
  2. Feline
  3. Liquorice Root
Over, Under EP
Over, Under EP
7 Tracks - 2013
Produced by David Lawrie

The first solo release of 2013 is a remix EP featuring reworks by some of the composers and producers I hold dear to my heart. The EP is available as a strictly limited edition 7" vinyl (300 quantity) with downloadable content, or as a digital only download in the shop.


  1. Over, Under [Original Mix]
  2. Over, Under [Afternaut Remix]
  3. Over, Under [First, Second, Third World Live Version]
  4. Over, Under [Deny Thyself Remix]
  5. Over, Under [Vocal Version]
  6. Over, Under [Dale Jonathan Perkins Remix]
  7. Tethys: My Love, My Saviour (for Medusa: My Mistress, the masochist) [Choral Version]