Cyvella - Rich EP
Cyvella - Rich EP
4 Tracks - 2021
Written by Marlain Angelides
Arranged, Engineered, Programmed, Mixed, and Produced by David Lawrie
Mastered by Andy Wilson
This was a very interesting project, which I produced remotely, in isolation, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. By using Audiomovers Listento, I was able to record Marlain from my control room in California, whilst she was performing in her vocal booth in New York. It was a very interesting experience, and one that I feel may be more and more common moving forwards. Remote work opens up so many doors!


  1. Rich
  2. Soul Defy
  3. Dirt
  4. PMS
London After Midnight - Live From Isolation
Half Man || Half Bull
20 Tracks - 2021
Mastered by David Lawrie
This Arts Council England funded double album was created by Phil Grainger, Oliver Tilney, and Alexander Write. Phil and Alexander are old school friends of mine. I was thrilled when they asked me to do the final mastering for it!


  1. Love Skint (Prologue)
  2. All Man Bull Squad
  3. Foreign Land
  4. Ariadne
  5. The Plans
  6. The Minotaur
  7. History Is Written By Those Who Win
  8. This Isn't A Thing
  9. Wrecked
  10. Lucky Little Dad
  1. Old Boys Back In Bars
  2. Be Warm
  3. Pterodactyl
  4. Abduction
  5. The Tower
  6. Look To The Sky
  7. Flying
  8. Falling
  9. The Labyrinth (Epilogue)
  10. Be Less Lonely
London After Midnight - Live From Isolation
London After Midnight - Live From Isolation
16 Tracks - 2021
Guitar performances and Mixing by David Lawrie
A series of four "live from quarantine" video performances of songs from LAM's debut album, Selected Scenes from the End of the World, soon turned into an album of quarantine performances. This was quite a challenge, but thanks to some incredible technology, the mixes could be wrapped up with Sean Brennan at full studio quality, live over the internet. Once the album was mixed, Andy Wilson mastered it.


  1. Your Best Nightmare (live)
  2. Claire’s Horrors (live)
  3. Psycho Magnet (live)
  4. Demon (live)
  5. Where Good Girls Go to Die (live)
  6. Kiss (live)
  7. America’s a Fucking Disease (live)
  8. Feeling Fascist? (live)
  9. Revenge (live)
  10. Sacrifice (live)
  11. Helter Skelter Halloween 1990 radio promo
  12. Whisky a Go Go May 31 1991 radio commercial
  13. Club Perversion Cathedral at Roxy Theater Friday 13th 1991 radio commercial
  14. Club Perversion Cathedral at Roxy Theater June 25 1992 radio commercial
  15. Club Perversion Cathedral at Roxy Theater June 25 1992 alt radio commercial
  16. Mexico City 1995 radio commercial
DJP - Equipoise
DJP - Equipoise
5 Tracks - 2020
Written and Produced by Dale Jonathan Perkins
Mastered by David Lawrie
I had fun mastering this collection of works. The first side is Equipoise (in three movements), and the other side includes “Axe,” for which I provided a variety of guitar tones, noises, and imperfections.


  1. Equipoise pt. i - Tone of Rememberance
  2. Equipoise pt. ii - Full Tilt
  3. Equipoise pt. iii - Fragile
  4. Axe
  5. Excursions
Ego - Screensaver
Ego - Screensaver
5 Tracks - 2020
Written and Produced by Aditya Kamath
Mastered by David Lawrie
I enjoyed mastering this EP by Ego, whom I had the pleasure of teaching audio post production techniques a couple of years ago. It is always a great experience to work with people that I have known for some time, and with whom I get on well!


  1. Window feat. Connor Mannebach & Julian Finch
  2. Zone feat. Kidd Doxx
  3. Late at Night feat. Brockwell
  4. Comfortable feat. Donovan Sykes, Connor Mannebach and Thinh Can
  5. Ego Speaks feat. Speak
Martin Shears - One Liners
Martin Shears - One Liners
10 Tracks - 2020
Written and Produced by Martin Shears
Engineered and Mixed by David Lawrie and Martin Shears
Martin Shears worked with me to complete his album of recordings that had been made of a number of years. It was a really fun project, which had me getting involved with some engineering, additional instrumental performances, and mixing of three songs by myself, as well as two songs in direct collaboration with Martin. It was really fun to be involved with the project!


  1. She
  2. Me For A Day
  3. 95 Reasons
  4. Beautiful Losers
  5. Alone With Everyone
  6. A Song For Adrian
  7. Mojo Knows
  8. Climb
  9. Lonely
  10. Fall Away
London After Midnight - Selected Scenes from the End of the World: 9119
London After Midnight - Selected Scenes from the End of the World: 9119
17 Tracks - 2019
Written by Sean Brennan
Mixed by David Lawrie
London After Midnight founder and frontman, Sean Brennan, asked me to revisit the band's 1991 debut album, Selected Scenes from the End of the World, in order to mix the album from scratch, from the original multitrack tapes. This was, undoubtedly, one of the most challenging mixes of my career so far, and I had to employ a lot of my audio-post production skills to repair many of the recordings before any creative work could be done. From the biggest challenges, however, come the biggest rewards. I trilled with the outcome!


  1. This Paradise (9119)
  2. The Black Cat (9119)
  3. Revenge (9119)
  4. Spider and the Fly (9119)
  5. Sacrifice (9119)
  6. Your Best Nightmare (9119)
  7. Claire's Horrors (9119)
  8. Ignis Fatuus (9119)
  9. Trick Or Treat (9119)
  10. Inamourada (2003/9119)
  11. This Paradise (2003/9119)
  12. The Black Cat (2003/9119)
  13. Trick Or Treat (2003/9119)
  14. Sacrifice (Radio Edit 9119)
  15. Revenge (Radio Edit 9119)
  16. Claire's Horrors (Demo Version)
  17. Your Best Nightmare (Demo Version)
EverFish - Odyssey
Everfish - Odyssey
6 Tracks - 2019
Written by Ryan Fish

Vocal Engineering on "To War" by David Lawrie

Ryan Fish, AKA Everfish, approached me to record Nathan Giguiere's (Some Fear None) voice for the song "To War" on this dark electronic EP. It was great fun!


  1. Into The Waves
  2. With Me
  3. Odyssey
  4. To War
  5. Vanquish
  6. Aviro
Larry Marks Band - Machine
Larry Marks Band - Machine
1 Track - 2019
Written and Produced by Larry Marks Band
Mixed by David Lawrie

Larry Marks (Mark Meilack) of Hijak Oscar and Teetotum fame wrote and released his debut single as Larry Marks Band. "Machine" is taken from LMB's debut EP, which is yet to be released.

The EP was recorded in Brighton, England, and was mixed here at Ishikawa.
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - I Knew I'd Find You
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - I Knew I'd Find You
1 Track - 2017
Written by Eleni Skarpari

Mixed by David Lawrie

For the third of EchoWants Her VoiceBack's interim pieces, the instrumental and vocals were recorded in England, and the piece thing was mixed at Ishikawa Studios in California. A 360 degree virtual reality video was created for the piece.
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Quicksand
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Quicksand
1 Track - 2017
Written by Eleni Skarpari
Piano arrangement and performance by David Lawrie
Mixed by David Lawrie

For the second of EchoWants Her VoiceBack's interim pieces, Eleni liked the idea of me writing and performing a piano accompaniment for the song. As with "Laisse Moi," the vocals were recorded in England, and the whole thing was mixed at Ishikawa Studios in California.
Dale Perkins - Voice Without Words
Dale Jonathan Perkins - Voice Without Words
4 Tracks - 2017
Written and Produced by Dale Jonathan Perkins
Mastered by David Lawrie

Dale was my mentor throught my master's degree. He had started work on Voice Without Words at that time, but it was only recently that the suite was complete, and ready for release. Dale and I have remained good friends, and I was honoured that he asked me to master the suite, which also includes the standalone piece "Tilt Zero."

We worked together to release the suite on vinyl, through my label - Ishikawa Records.
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Laisse Moi
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Laissé Moi
1 Track - 2016
Written by Eleni Skarpari
Guitar and Bass arranged and performed by David Lawrie
Mixed by David Lawrie

In the interim between her debut EP and her next full length release, Eleni asked me to work with her on her single "Laisse Moi." With a tight timeframe I re-arranged the initial demo to be performed on an acoustic guitar, along with some spacious, reverb and delay laiden electric guitars, and wide, synthetic bass.

Due to geographical issues, Eleni recorded her voice in England, and I mixed the whole production at Ishikawa Studios in California.
Creatures At Play - Time Wasted Nominated
Creatures At Play - Time Wasted Nominated
7 Tracks - 2016
Written and Produced by Creatures At Play
Mastered by David Lawrie

Creatures At Play asked me to master thair debut mini-album, Time Wasted Nominated. I had no idea what to expect, seeing as the description of the music was rather nebulous. After hearing the mixes, though, I realised that I probably shouldn't have had any expectations at all. It is so refreshingly unique, that I jumped at the chance to be involved.
Teetotum - Mind Your Teeth
Teetotum - Mind Your Teeth
4 Tracks - 2016
Written by Teetotum
Produced by David Lawrie

I had great fun recording this project with Teetotum at Brighton Electric Recording Studios, with my old friend Ally Jowett engineering.

The EP was the first album to be mixed in the newly expanded Ishikawa Studios in California.


  1. Day and Night
  2. One More Time
  3. Just My Luck
  4. Heart Of The Sun
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Heart Of Stone
EchoWants Her VoiceBack - Heart Of Stone
7 Tracks - 2015
Written by Eleni Skarpari
Produced by David Lawrie

Eleni Skarpari and I first started talking in the summer of 2014 about working together on her debut EP as EchoWants Her VoiceBack, after her success with the single "Bricks And Sparrows" - especially in Cyprus (her country of birth).

After working together to run a crowdfunding campaign, we recorded the EP in London and York in March 2015.

The EP was mixed in my control room in California, and Andy Wilson mastered it in New York.

The first pressing of the CD version includes a the original version of "Bricks And Sparrows," produced by Ebby Acquah.


  1. Gone For Good
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. Η Πληγωμένη Καρκία [Live]
  4. Wizard
  5. Tea
  6. Bricks And Sparrows [Bonus]
  7. Love When I Needed It [Vocal] [Bonus]
Harker - Ebb And Flow
Harker - Ebb And Flow
11 Tracks - 2015
Written and Produced by James Harker
Additional guitar, production advice, additional mastering by David Lawrie

James Harker (half of Vast And Harker) came to me to help out with this album, which meant that I got invvolved with various aspects of the release. I particularly enjoyed strumming on "Alligator."

James decided to keep the master of "Fisher King" I did for the single release, which sits amongst the other masters by Nick Olsouzidis.


  1. The Ebb
  2. Alligator
  3. Swanbourne
  4. Iburndale
  5. Ferry Lane Bridge
  6. Fisher King
  7. Canute
  8. A Current Under Sea
  9. And Then, Winter
  10. Kayapo
  11. And Flow
Harker - The Fisher King
Harker - Fisher King
1 Track - 2015
Written and Produced by James Harker
Mastered by David Lawrie

After working with Vast and Harker, James, the latter half of the duo, asked me to help him with his album The Ebb And Flow. This is the first single from the album, and it was mastered by yours truly.
Vast And Harker - Nirbhaya
Vast And Harker - Nirbhaya
3 Tracks - 2014
Written and Produced by Vast & Harker
Mastered by David Lawrie

Vast & Harker and I started talking quite regularly through the summer of 2014 (I had met Vast years ago when I lived in York). Their fusion sound really speaks to me, and when they asked me to master their single, featuring Rita Morar, I was more than happy to oblige!

Please consider buying the single through Bandcamp. 25% of all proceeds will go to Breakthrough, a Human Rights charity.


  1. Nirbhaya
  2. Fearless
  3. Nirbhaya [radio edit]
Lost From Atlas - I'm Sorry In Latin
Lost From Atlas - I'm Sorry In Latin
5 Tracks - 2014
Written and performed by Lost From Atlas
Arranged by Lost from Atlas and David Lawrie
Engineered and Produced by David Lawrie

In the summer of 2010, Lost from Atlas asked me to work with them again to produce the follow up to their brilliant 2009 debut album. We had a great time recording this EP, but soon after, the band went on an indefinite hiatus.

Four years later, the band decided to release the EP and I couldn't be happier that it has seen the light of day. It brings back great memories for me.


  1. I'm Sorry in Latin
  2. Sidepath
  3. Interlude 3.0
  4. Considine
  5. Reach
Le Néon Noir - S/T
Le Néon Noir - S/T
4 Tracks - 2014
Written by Dani Lacroix
Arranged by Dani Lacroix and David Lawrie
Engineered and Produced by David Lawrie Mastered by Andy Wilson

The debut EP by Le Néon Noir was a brilliant collaborative process between myself, Dani Lacroix and session musicians Carl Banks (of Captain Wilberforce) and J. W. Greenwood (who has become something of a right hand man for me). The two actually became full time members of the Le Néon Noir live band soon after the recording sessions.


  1. ps…
  2. Better Than Me
  3. La Petite Mort Synphonique
  4. Proxima
The Ancient Void - Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal
The Ancient Void - Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal
12 Tracks - 2015
Written and Produced by The Ancient Void
Mixed by David Lawrie

The Ancient Void asked me to revisit their album Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal in order to mix is again, with a more defined use of the stereo field. I am sure Geoff and Robert won't mind me suggesting that there was a lot of "fixing in the mixing" going on, but I am very pleased with how this came out!


  1. Autumn Star
  2. Hope, Death, and the Absurd
  3. Black Tears of Mourning
  4. The Old Hole
  5. Nocturn No. 2 (Phantasmagoria)
  6. Companion to Woe
  7. Plague Doctor
  8. The Fall of Ymir
  9. Allegretto in F Minor
  10. Little Red
  11. Unnamed Fear
  12. FADE
Stonehoof - Running Fantasy Numbers
Stonehoof - Running Fantasy Numbers
4 Tracks - 2014
Written and Produced by Stonehoof
Mastered by David Lawrie

Stonehoof once again asked me to master his latest EP, Running Fantasy Numbers towards the end of 2013 and it was released in January 2014 on Tuskan State Records. I'm really happy with how this turned out and I have high hopes that this could be the start of bigger and better things for such a wonderful producer.


  1. Loosen Up
  2. Running Fantasy Numbers
  3. Plastic
  4. Gals
Middlecave - Fibres
Middlecave - Fibres
8 Tracks - 2013
Written, Arranged and Produced by Middlecave
Engineered and mixed by Liam Ledgeway
Mastered by David Lawrie

Good friends Lost From Atlas are currently on an indefinite hiatus which is a sad moment for me. I really enjoyed working with the band, but as the three-piece became a two-piece, Fibres, which started off as their follow-up album, ended up sounding very different. For a start, it has vocals…

Whilst Lost From Atlas is in stasis, Middlecave has been born.

Liam Ledgeway, who has also been a session drummer for me, as well as on many of my productions for/with other artists, took up the engineering and mix duties, and I think that he and Danny Gallagher have created something very special.

Liam asked me to master the new band's debut album, Fibres, so of course I jumped at the chance.


  1. Etched
  2. How You Felt
  3. What's Beneath
  4. Fibres
  5. Interlude 4
  6. Itch
  7. Salt
  8. This is Happening
The Rodeo Falls - Jam Jar
The Rodeo Falls - Jam Jar
5 Tracks - 2013
Written and Arranged by The Rodeo Falls
Engineered and mixed by David Lawrie

In July 2013 Marck asked me to come and hear him rehearse with the new, and now full-time, members of The Rodeo Falls to find out if they were tight enough for a live studio session. Of course they were going to be, but I went along anyway.

Suffices to say that within a couple of weeks we managed to set aside an afternoon (which happened to be one of the hottest of the summer) to record five live performances in the same space Meantime was recorded (which the band have lovingly nicknamed "Jam Jar").

Yes it is rough and ready. That's part of the charm! I can't wait to watch The Rodeo Falls grow and push forward in this fickle industry!


  1. Captains of Industry
  2. Dyed In Wool
  3. Long Distance Runner
  4. Best Laid Plans
  5. Rope Tricks
The Children's Fire - S/T
The Children's Fire - S/T
2 Tracks - 2013
Written by Antony Cholerton
Arranged by Antony Colerton and David Lawrie
Engineered, produced and mixed by David Lawrie

Antony Cholerton came to me to produce a promotional piece of music for The Children's Fire Movement - a C.I.C. that he was working on - earlier in 2013.

We worked together to rearrange the A side of the single from his original demos and then we recorded the song in Stratford Upon Avon, Leeds and York. It features Liam Ledgeway on drums, Andy Hatcher on guitar and bass, Marion Fleetwood on Violins and Tori Rushton on Cello. The All Saints School chamber choir also makes quite a bold appearance!

The B side, "Hollow Bone" is a much more relaxed affair. Mostly recorded in Antony's brother Richard's guitar shop in Stratford Upon Avon, it is a stripped back version of the song which was performed by the three of us.

The most important part of the project is that all proceeds from sales of the single go directly back into the movement and, therefore, the charitable organisations, with life-first (this not a pro life or pro choice debate, here) principals, that it supports.


  1. The Children's Fire
  2. Hollow Bone
Lucy Claire - Suite EP
Lucy Claire - Suite EP
3 Tracks - 2013
Written and Produced by Lucy Claire
Mastered by David Lawrie.

After the success of "Paelistin", Lucy Claire asked me to master her newest release - Suite - a collection of two wonderfully ambient compositions fabricated around binaural location recordings and beautiful string arrangements.

Suite will be released on 19th August on This Is It Forever - a new record label run by Gavin Miller from Ghosting Season - a band with whom I've also had the distinct pleasure of working.

Thomas Ragsdale, aka Winter Son (one half of Ghosting Season) also did a wonderful remix which appears on the EP.


  1. No. 1 Rituals in Dust
  2. No. 2 Fantasia on Mildew
  3. Mildew (Winter Son's Awoken Ground Remix)
Deny Thyself - Untitled 1-4
Deny Thyself - Untitled 1-4
4 Tracks - 2013
Written and Produced by Deny Thyself
Mastered by David Lawrie

Deny Thyself remixed "Over, Under" whilst preparing its debut Untitled EP. It asked me to master the EP for it, and I really enjoyed doing so.

I hope to work with Deny Thyself again in the future!


  1. Untitled 1
  2. Untitled 2
  3. Untitled 3
  4. Untitled 4
Lucy Claire - Paelistin
Lucy Claire - Paelistin
1 Track - 2013
Written and Produced by Lucy Claire
Mastered by David Lawrie.

Some of you may recognise Lucy Claire as a familiar face, and this may be because I've been lucky enough to have her electronics expertise on stage with me from time to time.

Lucy, as a solo artist, concentrates on electroacoustic composition - embracing binaural recordings, spectral manipulations and all manner of studio based practices - marrying it with the organic nature of live instrumental performances. Her tagline "Lucy Claire = Soundscapes and Strings" sums her up quite nicely.

Lucy recently started collaborating with Orlando Seale, an actor turned musician whose live show is something truly spectacular to behold.

Lucy and I have known each other for a good few years and our careers seem to be crossing paths more and more frequently. She asked me to master "Paelistin", giving me reign to preserve as many dynamics as possible, which made the task even more enjoyable.

"Paelistin" was featured on Future Sequence's album SEQUENCE6 in May 2013.
Marck And The Rodeo Falls - Meantime
Marck And The Rodeo Falls - Meantime
4 Tracks - 2012
Written by Marck Whiley
Arranged by David Lawrie and Marck Whiley
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

I really enjoyed working on this EP with Marck. We set up in a small chapel for a week and worked for around fifteen hours each day. Stu Allan and Mark Waters from The Blueprints provided six and four string expertise and Liam Ledgeway of Lost From Atlas performed all of the drum parts.

When mixing I tried to keep as many dynamics as possible. Yes it is a little "quieter" than other modern recordings - it has an intrinsic loudness closer to a mid 90's indie album - but I really think it helps to maintain punch and clarity.


  1. In For A Penny
  2. Chase It Down
  3. A Pony That Turned The Apple Cart
  4. Loose Change
Marianne's Wish - Add To Wishlist
Marianne's Wish - Add To Wishlist
12 Tracks - 2012
Produced by George Solonos
Mix assistant/consultant - David Lawrie

George Solonos, one of my great friends during and after our studies at Leeds College of Music, produced his new band Marianne's Wish's debut album Add To Wishlist - a very powerful rock/metal based album.

George frequently sent me mixes to listen to during the production process, and I was honoured that he genuinely asked for my ears to lend a fresh perspective to the sound. Even more honoured do I feel for the fact that he insisted I credit myself and list the album on this discography.

The band have ranked highly in the Hard Rock Rising competition (finalists), and its fanbase is growing rapidly. It is easy to hear why. The hooks, riffs and sheer power are infectious!


  1. Still Here
  2. Hex
  3. If You Love Me
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Jesus
  5. Brainwash
  6. Izzie
  7. Beautiful Girl
  8. 830 (Ready to Go)
  9. Chad Is Stoned
  10. Say It Right
  11. Seasons Change
  12. Nighttime Sun
Stonehoof - Last Year
Stonehoof - Last Year
5 Tracks - 2012
Written and Produced by Stonehoof
Mastered by David Lawrie

Stonehoof asked me to master his debut EP, Running Fantasy Numbers. How could I resist?


  1. Hello
  2. Janet's Interlude
  3. Baby Blue
  4. Sundaze
  5. Magnetic Eyez
Ghosting Season - Nude [Remix]
Ghosting Season - Nude [Remix]
1 Track - 2012
Remix by Ghosting Season
Mastered by David Lawrie

Electronic duo Ghosting Season made a great remix of Radiohead's "Nude" and they asked me to master it. I love both bands, so I was very happy to be part of the piece.

Another great thing about this remix is that it is available for free from the Ghosting Season Soundcloud page.
Captain Wilberforce - Ghost Written Confessions
Captain Wilberforce - Ghost Written Confessions
10 Tracks - 2011
Written by Simon Bristoll
Arranged by David Lawrie and Captain Wilberforce
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

Simon Bristoll (aka Captain Wilberforce) came to me to co-arrange and produce his third full-length album Ghost Written Confessions. I worked with him through 2010 into 2011 to take strong pop songs and introduce a slightly more left-wing and texturally rich production aesthetic. I'm really pleased with how this album came out, and it was very well received by the press.


  1. A Beautiful Waste of Time
  2. ...In Hell
  3. Your Imaginary Friends
  4. Get Hurt
  5. The Day Your Mouth Stood Still
  6. Baby Girl
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Me and Your Mother (Before You Were Born)
  9. This Little Miracle
  10. Kryptonite
Lost From Atlas - S/T
Lost From Atlas - S/T
9 Tracks - 2009
Written by Lost From Atlas
Arranged by David Lawrie and Lost From Atlas
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

Instrumental band, Lost From Atlas, came to me as over-skilled 17 year-olds to produce their debut, self titled album. This was my first full production after being in academia, so I jumped at the chance. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them in the summer of 2009. Since working on this album I have produced another EP for them (which will be released soon) and have worked very closely with their drummer, Liam Ledgeway, on numerous other projects. Liam has been a live session drummer for me and has also been a go-to session drummer for other productions with other artists.


  1. The Horse You Rode In On
  2. For That Reason... I'm Out.
  3. Success. Perfect. Failure.
  4. Interlude 2.0
  5. Tom Robinson Must DIE
  6. Interlude 1.0
  7. Man is The Warmest Place to Hide
  8. Here at the End of All Things
  9. Fin.
Coreline - Bone And Blood As Stone And Mud
Coreline - Bone And Blood As Stone And Mud
12 Tracks - 2009
Written* and Produced by Coreline
*Track 12 (Middle) written by David Lawrie.
Production consultancy and live location recording by David Lawrie

Industrial/IDM artist CORELINE's second full length studio album.

I loved being a part of this album. Chris Coreline's cerebral industrial music attracted me to it the first time I heard it. Chris studied both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Music Production with me, and it was inevitable that we would end up working together. I would go as far as saying that Chris's electroacoustic approach to composition, along with Dale Perkins', was a massive influence on the electroacoustic elements of my own work.


  1. Coreline Builds Better Robots (featuring the Easingwold School junior choir)
  2. Dance Electric
  3. Magic/Science (your choice)
  4. The Game
  5. Diz--Tanz
  6. This is Industrial Baroque
  7. Solastalgia (featuring nobody as my time management sucks)
  8. error 9 - corrupt payload
  9. This Is Not A Lovesong
  10. First Last Only
  11. F.B.N (XL Stripgloss Orange Sequence Non-Adhesive)
  12. Middle (Coreline and David Lawrie)
Sluphur Generation - S/T
Sluphur Generation - S/T
11 Tracks - 2009
Written by George Solonos and Andreas Kapitais
Engineered, mixed and produced* by George Solonos
*Additional production on Track 9 by David Lawrie

Sulphur Generation's debut, self titled album.

George Solonos, who wrote and produced this album, studied his Master's degree in Music Production with me. There were two pathways through the course - Composition or Production - yet, in a way, George and I both sat on the fence. George officially specialised in production, and I composition, but our portfolios relied heavily on the other specialism.

George asked me to do some electroacoustic production for the a capella introduction of "Let Your Heart Speak For You", and from there I was invited to Cyprus for the album's official launch in January 2009 - just after the band opened for Whitesnake in Nicosia the month before.

George and I often talk late into the night, comparing productions and compositions and we are both an "ear to lean on" to better ourselves as producers.


  1. The Gate
  2. Lean On My Shoulder
  3. Flame
  4. Sailed Away
  5. Make The White Boy Feel safe
  6. Wish I Could Cry
  7. This Track Can Never Be A Hit
  8. Cry In The Rain (with Marina 'Amarina' Solonos)
  9. Let Your Heart Speak For You
  10. Proteus
  11. Solitary Eyes
Vaughan King - The Triumphant
Vaughan King - The Triumphant
8 Tracks - 2008
Written by Vaughan King
Arranged by David Lawrie and Vaughan King
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

Vaughan King's debut EP.

Londoner Vaughan King, looking for a producer to help create his debut record, approached me whilst I was studying my Master's degree at Leeds College of Music. With a small budget and a very limited availability of studio time we crafted a totally acoustic EP. The main instrumentation focuses around acoustic guitar, cello, voice, piano and brushed snare.

This EP is a great example of making the most of limited resources. Despite the limitations we faced, the record received very favourable reviews in Kerrang! and Rocksound among others.


  1. The Forgiven And The Forgotten
  2. Two Souls
  3. Relief In He Who Knows The Truth
  4. The Running
  5. Love Is The Law, Love Under Will
  6. This Empty Landfill
  7. End To End
J. Harbourne - On Borrowed Time
J. Harbourne - On Borrowed Time
8 Tracks - 2008
Written by J Harbourne
Arranged by J Harbourne and David Lawrie
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

J Harbourne's debut Album.

J Harbourne and I go way back. We went to school together and have been jamming, performing and composing together, on and off, since our mid-teens. We were even in a band together, Solstice, at one time. J is the quintessential English gentleman - and his music doesn't do a particularly good job of hiding the fact. I always loved the eloquence of his songwriting, and so, I was very happy when the opportunity to work together in the studio, with my new found skills (having just finished a Bachelor's degree in Music Production), presented itself.

This was the first record I completely produced for someone other than myself.

J had produced various demos of each song on this album (and more), but for us to collaborate effectively, we stripped the pieces to their barest essentials and rebuilt them together. I was maybe a little naïve as to what I was actually capable of, from an engineering point of view, whilst working on the album, but I am still very proud of what we achieved together. Even though the production might be a little rough around the edges at times, and the arrangements might be a little too full, I learned so much from producing On Borrowed Time.

J is part of Tortoise in a Nutshell - a Theatre company who has had great success in the past few years, as a writer and composer.

We also worked together in the studio to produce the soundtrack and sound design for Tortoise in a Nutshell's production The Last Miner.


  1. Borrowing Time
  2. Photograph Pt. i
  3. Towel-Man of Biakpa
  4. Enough to Worry About
  5. Anymore
  6. Bad Weather
  7. Photograph Pt. ii
  8. Transmission
  9. Bonus Track
Laughing Gravy - Goat
Laughing Gravy - Goat
12 Tracks - 2005
All songs written by C P Stewart
Arranged and produced by Laughing Gravy
Assistant engineering by David Lawrie

The most recent, and final album from the sadly departed Laughing Gravy.

C P Stewart and Paul 'Dank' Bishop took me under their wing to help out with engineering this album. At the time I was just finishing my first year of undergraduate study, and so was very grateful for the experience.

And what an experience it was!

We, the band and I, spent just over a week recording the album in an old school-house in the blissful summer. We worked from the early morning until the short summer nights hand turned into dawn. It is obvious that Goat and other productions from early in my career really shaped my attitude towards engineering, not just recordings, but unconventional rooms to capture in the recordings.


  1. The Ways of The World
  2. Green Eyed Girl
  3. Mineshaft
  4. Down In The Meadow
  5. Kind Words
  6. Mary Ann Trot
  7. Boneyard
  8. Humpback Jane
  9. Vigilante Blues
  10. Stranger #3
  11. Milk That Cow
  12. Big House
Laughing Gravy - Fly
Laughing Gravy - Fly
10 Tracks - 2005
All songs written by C P Stewart
Arranged and produced by Laughing Gravy
Engineered by Rod Holt
Mixed by David Lawrie

This album contains recordings from the final two live performances of The Laughing Gravy. I was an audience member at both shows, and was asked afterwards to mix the album in Otley, West Yorkshire.

This was the first album I mixed from start to finish. I was studying my Bachelor's degree in Music Production at the time.

The likelihood of the band reforming is very slim, so this may be the only way of experiencing how great the four of them were as musicians if you never got the chance to see them in the flesh.


  1. Cockroach
  2. Chasing It Down
  3. Charles White's Blues
  4. Everybody's Got A Lot To Say
  5. King of the Heap
  6. World Ain't Flat
  7. Curse the Day
  8. Henry
  9. So Sorry
  10. Buggy