What We Do
Directed by David Diley
Sound Design, Music, and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

As the in-house sound designer and music composer for Scarlet View Media, we all pulled together as a team to create a film that showcases our collective skills. I had such fun with 100% creative freedom in the music!
Panasonic - A Blue Mind
Directed by David Diley
Sound Design and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

PANASONIC commissioned Of Shark And Man director David Diley to shoot a promotional piece for the EVA 1 camera - specifically for its suitability for underwater shooting. David asked me to do audio post production for the film, and I couldn’t say no to such a cool project.

By using reference audio supplied from the production sound, nearly all backgrounds and production sound effects were replaced with field recordings and foley in the studio. I did not compose the music for this video, but I made sure to react to the emotion of the music, and try to get my sound design to reinforce the overall feeling. I’m very pleased with the outcome!
Directed by Camen Hodges
Sound Design, Music Composition and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

Lock/Unlock is a short, one-shot film by Camen Hodges (the chief cinematographer for Room 6). Camen and I have worked a few times together, and he asked me to do the score and audio post production for his newest horror short. I had a great time working on this!
Directed by Mela Hudson
Sound Design, Music Composition and Sound Supervision by David Lawrie

Director Mela Hudson and Producer Jimmy Gadd asked me to work on the sound and music for Eight in June 2018. Unfortunately Mela passed away during post production, but we decided as a team to complete the film, and release it in her memory. The audio was mixed at Westwind Media in Burbank, with me being sound supervisor.
Room 6
Directed by Rick Beaty
Sound Design, Music Composition and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

Room 6 is a short horror/suspense film that was commissioned and funded by the Nevada City Film Festival. Shot over two nights in Nevada City, with a week for all audio post, this low-budget film captures the buzz and excitement only a rapid production can produce!
Scarlet View Media - The Hunt
Directed by David Lawrie
Sound Design and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

The second of David Diley's Egyptian underwater shorts was a much more action-packed affair, and imagining the sounds for this film was a fun challenge!
Scarlet View Media - The Arrival
Directed by David Lawrie
Sound Design and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

David Diley shot two short underwater films, whilst on location in Egypt. The first of which is a very spacious, open ocean type of film, which called for a lot of ghostly ambience...
A Precious Life
Directed by Fraser Precious
Sound Design and Audio Mix by David Lawrie

A Precious Life is a 30-minute short film about a classical instrumentalist whose misfortune and mental health issues spiral him into homelessness and desperation.
Absinthe Films - TurboDojo
By Absinthe Films
Audio restoration and overall mix by David Lawrie

Justin Hostynek from Absinthe Films once again came to Ishikawa for the audio side of 2017's TurboDojo.

It was great to get stuck into some hardcore audio restoration, and to help add even more motion to this action sports film!
Edda (with CocoRosie)
Directed by Robert Wilson
Music by CocoRosie
Additional arrangement, instrumental performance, and mix of "Dark Fairy" by David Lawrie

Sierra and Bianca Casady (CocoRosie) came to spend some time with me at Ishikawa Studios towards the end of 2016. With a big soundtrack project for Robert Wilson's EDDA, we spent some time working through elements of one of their pieces, "Dark Fairy." The piece was arranged in that session. I also arranged a Hammered Dulcimer part, as well as an arpeggiated, synthetic bass line. The piece found its way into the final soundtrack, which was performed extensively in Oslo, in the spring of 2017.
Area 241 - Mikey's Dream Chaser
Directed by Mike Basich
Featuring Music by David Lawrie
Audio mix by David Lawrie

Mike Basich documented the construction of his latest Tiny Home, and he asked me if he could use some pieces from Dorothea's Boat. Once the film was soundtracked, I came back on board to mix the overal audio in the film.
GoPro - From Dreams To Reality
Featuring Music by Neso Verses (produced by David Lawrie)

GoPro put together a film that documents Mike Basich's transition from being a professional competitive snowboarder, to a professional lifestyle snowboarder. They were keen to use music by Neso Verses, my project with Mike's sister, Tina Basich, so we wrote a new piece to be used in the film.

An instrumental version of "End Beginning" was used, and this song shall appear on an eventual Neso Verses album.
Absinthe Films - /fter Forever
By Absinthe Films
Overall mix and additional sound design by David Lawrie

Justin Hostynek from Absinthe Films dropped by Ishikawa Studios in the spring of 2016, and a month or two after that first meeting he asked me to work on his new film /fter Forever.

It was a great experience to be working with a team spread across North America, and I am really pleased with the result.
Of Shark And Man
Directed by David Diley
Sound Design, Overall Mix, Original and additional music by David Lawrie

My year-and-a-half-long collaboration with colleague, friend, and visual visionary David Diley was completed in June of 2015. The first cut was shown in Gran Canaria in April 2015 to a captivated audience, amongst a festival of other conservation and underwater films. It receieved two awards, including a unanimously voted Best Film award. From there, the director's cut was made in the following two months.

I am very proud to have been so involved with the film. The sound design was an immense task, and being able to write the opening theme for the film was an honour.
Apeks - Technically Inspired
Directed by David Diley
Underwater sound design and overall audio mix by David Lawrie

After working with David Diley on my Over, Under music video, he and I decided to start collaborating on audio-visual projects for his company Scarlet View Media. This was one of the first projects on which I worked with Scarlet View. Obviously David Diley is an enthusiastic diver, so it makes sense that one of Scarlet View's clients was Apeks - a high end diving equipment firm.

It is really refreshing to see a company who is not afraid to back away from the "hard sell," but rather to let the overall experience surrounding it's employees main passion. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing the underwater sequences to life!
A Ray Of Light II
Directed by David Diley
Underwater sound design and overall audio mix by David Lawrie

Whilst working with director David Diley (who worked on my "Over, Under" music video) on his debut feature length film Of Shark and Man, he asked if I could do some underwater sound design, and the overall mix for the short film A Ray of Light II, which focuses on the efforts of Brad Robertson at Asociación Ondine in the conservation of the stringray population around Mallorca.

It was a pleasure to work on such a beautiful project, for such a great cause.
Tortoise In A Nutshell - The Last Miner
OST and Sound Design written and performed by J Harbourne and David Lawrie
Produced by David Lawrie

The Last Miner is a puppet based theatre production by Tortoise in a Nutshell for children (7+) and adults alike. It was first performed throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2010.

I particularly enjoyed working on this project with an old friend. I also worked with J Harbourne on his album On Borrowed Time which was, incidentally, the first album I produced for someone else.

Keep an eye on Tortoise in a Nutshell's website for information of future productions.