Award WON!

This has been quite a celebratory weekend for me. After a week of mixing more of the music I recorded in England, I was notified that Of Shark And Man won two of the three awards for which it was nominated at the International Filmaker Festival in Nice, France, including Best Sound Design! The other award it won was Best Editing In A Documentary. It was also nominated for Best Cinematography.

I wish I could have been in Nice to accept the award for myself, but I am told that director David Diley did a great job of speaking on my behalf. I can’t wait to hold the award in my own hands!

I am due another blog post soon enough, and I predict that it is going to be quite a substantial one. Stay tuned, folks.

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A barage of new sounds to come

I have not disappeared from the face of the earth! I have just had a very, very busy few months. Expect a blog post soon but, for now, here is a quick recap…

Ishikawa Studios is now functional. I finished building the control room in the first week of March, just before heading back to England for an intense month of producing.

I recorded Teetotum’s debut EP at Brighton Electric. My old friend and colleague, Ally Jowett, was there to engineer the session, and it was great fun. It was a rapid fire production – the quickest I have ever done – but I think it really works with the aesthetic the band has and are going for. I can’t wait to share the results with you.

I worked with another old friend, Marck Whiley (Marbled and Marck and The Rodeo Falls) to produce an EP of acoustic music. My main man, J. W. Greenwood, stepped in to add his tones, and Bradley Blackwell brought his upright bass to the table (floor). I am looking forward to mixing that project next week.

I also worked with J. W. Greenwood and his writing partner Matt Wilkinson to record some guitar duets. It was quite a change of pace to be working on those after the two EP projects.

Finally, I worked with Gary Stewart, who has worked with too many amazing artists and bands to mention, to create some instrumental compositions.

I arrived back in California in the first week of April, and I have been mixing music and working on the studio in (nearly) equal measure. With recording work coming up in May, though, I need to have everything ready and good to go!

More later…

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EchoWants Her VoiceBack

It is late on Sunday evening, and I have just finished watching a couple of episodes of Twin Peaks. I am ashamed to say that this show completely bypassed me, until now. I am addicted.

That is not my reason for writing, though.

Some of you will remember me mentioning that I was producing EchoWants Her VoiceBack’s debut EP Heart Of Stone earlier this year. Some of you will have seen the video for the song “Tea,” taken from the EP.

Well, I am very happy to announce that the EP now has a release date of November 13th 2015. It is available for pre-order on Compact Disc and Digital Download. You can preview it here:

If you are in London on the day before the release – November 12th – Echo will be performing a launch show, along with Jack Harris and Epilogues. Copies of the CD will be available at the show. You can get tickets HERE.

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New Music Video OUT NOW!

I’m very pleased to share my new video for “Dorothea” with you all! It took a lot of work, chipping away at it in between working on other projects. I hope you enjoy it…

If you like what you hear and see, don’t forget to pick up the four track Dorothea EP for just £2. It includes “The Opportunity” (which is the opening theme to Of Shark And Man, as well as an exclusive remix of “Over, Under” by Nearer, and “Traffic Lights At Night [Yumiko]” Live in the Forest:


Until next time…