Month: August 2020

London After Midnight And Other Professional Affiliations

I don’t think there is a person on earth who can say 2020 has been at all predictable, safe, or ordinary. It goes without saying that my heart goes out to anyone who has been impacted by the pandemic – directly or indirectly.

It is strange to celebrate achievements during this time, but forced isolation pushed me into a busy time of working remotely, changing plans, and adapting to what might become a new normal. It has been a challenging time, but there have been some great rewards…

Firstly, I am pleased and thankful to have been welcomed into the National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences (Emmys) as a professional member, and the Producers and Engineers Wing of The Recording Academy (Grammys) as a voting member. Thank you to those who helped make these two achievements possible. It feels wonderful to know that I can be a part of advocating for positive change in the creative arts industries.

Secondly, a secret I had been keeping relatively close to my chest was revealed last week. After all shows in 2019 had been either postponed or cancelled, my first outing as guitarist for London After Midnight came in the form of a live-from-quarantine performance of the song “Your Best Nightmare,” featured as the “headliner” of Gothicat’s fourth installment of their livestream festival. More announcements will be revealed soon, but for now I am just so pleased to be a part of this band. After working so closely with Sean Brennan to rework LAM’s debut album last year, it was a very organic process for me to step into the role of guitarist.