D16 Group

After a flurry of announcements about London After Midnight's Selected Scenes from the End of the World: 9119which has been received to great critical acclaim, and some very happy fans, I am happy to report some news from my company, Ishikawa Media. Audio software company D16 Group has partnered with Ishikawa! D16 plugins were used extensively in the 9119 mix of Selected Scenes... and I am thrilled that Sebastian at D16 decided to get involved with my future work.

D16 makes an incredible array of useful plugins and software instruments. One of my favourites is PunchBox. I used this to shape kick drum elements that were missing from the original tapes, in order to fill in the gaps. For drum replacement, it was like Photoshop for audio.

If you make music, whether it is electronic, rock, or avant-garde, I highly recommend you add these tools to your arsenal.

Oh, and there is currently a winter sale going on. 30% off. Go fill your stocking! Click on the image below!