Month: September 2016

Absinth Films’ /FTER FOREVER

After returning from a brief trip to England, the first part of September has been incredibly busy. I finished working on Absinthe Films’ new release /fter Forever and it started its European and North American cinema tour on Thursday 8th September. On the same night Of Shark And Man was shown as the main feature on the opening night of the 16th annual Nevada City Film Festival in California. I was at the Of Shark And Man Screening to be part of the Q&A, and it was wonderful to be able to answer so many great questions about sound design and music composition.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the screening in Nevada City. I hope you enjoyed it. For the people who went to see /fter Forever, I hope you loved every minute. When the film tours through Northern California (dates TBC) I will be sure to be there.

Until next timeā€¦