Month: October 2015

EchoWants Her VoiceBack

It is late on Sunday evening, and I have just finished watching a couple of episodes of Twin Peaks. I am ashamed to say that this show completely bypassed me, until now. I am addicted.

That is not my reason for writing, though.

Some of you will remember me mentioning that I was producing EchoWants Her VoiceBack’s debut EP Heart Of Stone earlier this year. Some of you will have seen the video for the song “Tea,” taken from the EP.

Well, I am very happy to announce that the EP now has a release date of November 13th 2015. It is available for pre-order on Compact Disc and Digital Download. You can preview it here:

If you are in London on the day before the release – November 12th – Echo will be performing a launch show, along with Jack Harris and Epilogues. Copies of the CD will be available at the show. You can get tickets HERE.

Until next timeā€¦