Year: 2015

EchoWants Her VoiceBack

It is late on Sunday evening, and I have just finished watching a couple of episodes of Twin Peaks. I am ashamed to say that this show completely bypassed me, until now. I am addicted.

That is not my reason for writing, though.

Some of you will remember me mentioning that I was producing EchoWants Her VoiceBack’s debut EP Heart Of Stone earlier this year. Some of you will have seen the video for the song “Tea,” taken from the EP.

Well, I am very happy to announce that the EP now has a release date of November 13th 2015. It is available for pre-order on Compact Disc and Digital Download. You can preview it here:

If you are in London on the day before the release – November 12th – Echo will be performing a launch show, along with Jack Harris and Epilogues. Copies of the CD will be available at the show. You can get tickets HERE.

Until next time… 

New Music Video OUT NOW!

I’m very pleased to share my new video for “Dorothea” with you all! It took a lot of work, chipping away at it in between working on other projects. I hope you enjoy it…

If you like what you hear and see, don’t forget to pick up the four track Dorothea EP for just £2. It includes “The Opportunity” (which is the opening theme to Of Shark And Man, as well as an exclusive remix of “Over, Under” by Nearer, and “Traffic Lights At Night [Yumiko]” Live in the Forest:


Until next time… 

New Single and Video coming SOON!

How time slips through our fingers…

The last few months have been something of a whilrwind. Since I last wrote here, I finished producing EchoWants Her VoiceBack’s debut EP Heart of Stone, for which she just performed her first of two album launches in Cyprus. She will be officially releasing the EP when she performs her UK launch in London in September. Stay tuned for more information. I am really pleased with how the EP sounds, and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Under my other moniker HARUKO I also crafted the EP artwork, as well directing the first video from the EP for “Tea:” 

Continuing on the subject of HARUKO, I have been quietly working on the music video for the lead song from Dorothea’s Boat, “Dorothea.” In about a month’s time it will be released as a single with an exclusive AA side called “The Opportunity,” as well as some other exclusive material. 

I am quite excited about “The Opportunity” because it ties in very nicely with the other big project on which I have been manically working over the past few months. The instrumental version of the song in question is the opening theme to Of Shark And Man, which is finally complete. The first cut was screened in Gran Canaria in April, where it won two awards at the festival in which it was featured. One of the awards was Best Film, and that made me so proud to have been involved. Of course, it then needed to be edited slightly (which is more than just a slight bit of work from the point of view of sound design), but a few weeks ago I gave the final master to director David Diley, and the official industry screenings have begun, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! There is a London premiere planned for August, but I do not have all of the details right now. Head over to the film’s dedicated Facebook Page by clicking on the image below: 

Other projects are currently simmering away, and more details will be divulged at a later date, but for now, thanks for your continued support, and I hope your summer is sizzling. 

Until next time… 

Dorothea’s Boat Is Afloat!

Hello everyone. Wow. What a month it has been so far. Just as I was getting ready for the release of Dorothea’s Boat, as well as my trip back from California to England, I was hit hard by the flu. Aches, shivers, coughs, sneezes, sore throat, the list goes on. Suffices to say, it couldn’t have happened at a less opportune time (as if there is ever a good time for flu), and it made the release of Dorothea’s Boat a rather disjointed one.

Alas. Dorothea’s Boat is out. After years of setbacks, management changes (and finally becoming completely independent), talks with labels (and subsequent disappointments) etc. it was your generosity that meant the album could actually be release. I had always had reservations with regards to crowdfunding, but I am staggered by the support I was afforded. My mind is changed!

Thank you all so much.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can do so here! 

Whilst releasing Dorothea’s Boat I have also been spending a lot of time in London producing Eleni Skarpari/EchoWants her VoiceBack’s debut EP. So far the sessions have been going really, really well, and we are hoping to have everything recorded by the end of March. I will be taking the recordings back home to California, and the it should all be mixed by mid-April. Keep checking back to find out more details as they are unveiled.

And finally. This Friday (20th March) will see the official launch of Ishikawa Records. In keeping with the community nature of the label, Mikey and I are hosting an evening at Harlequin’s in our town of birth, York. Head down if you are in the area. There will be performances from Rory Welbrock and Epilogues, and it will also be the launch show for Dorothea’s Boat. We will be discussing what Ishikawa is, and how you can all get involved.

That’s all for now!