Month: September 2014

Let’s get some wind behind these sails

I’m writing this with a great deal of excitement, as I can now announce that my new album Dorothea’s Boat is ready for release!

This album will be the first physical release for Ishikawa Records, the label I started earlier in the year (which is now run my me and Mikey from Epilogues). Because Ishikawa is running as an independent co-operative label, I have decided that the best way to embrace music as a community is to make Dorothea’s Boat a crowdfunded project, of which pledgers can become a part – not just in the form of me saying thank you, but to the extent where you are actually in a position to help shape future releases!

Amongst the usual pledge rewards of albums, bundles and one-off performances, I would also like to present the opportunity for you to have your song mixed by me! As well as that, you also have the opportunity to choose your favourite song from the album and then request the stems of said song to create your own remix. Of all the remixes that are created and submitted, I will pick the one with which I connect most, and that will become the B-side of my next single. All other remixes will be compiled and made available to listeners online. On top of that, I will to award a generous cut of performance royalties (in the remixer’s favour) so that remix artists stand to make money from their work.

How can you help in other ways?

Aside from pledging on the Kickstarter page, you can help out by sharing the Kickstarter video, tweeting, telling your friends and, if you really want to go for it, update your facebook cover photos with the same cover on David Lawrie’s Facebook page, along with a link to the campaign in the description. The perfectly trimmed Facebook Cover image can be downloaded HERE