Le Néon Noir, Ishikawa and HARUKO

I’ve been working very hard since the last blog entry, and now that the dust is starting to settle I would love to share all the new and exciting things that are going on.

As I mentioned previously, Le Néon Noir and I have been working very closely to prepare the band’s debut, self titled EP. It has been a massive project that has led me to work alongside a great number of creative individuals – with some of whom I have worked before, others I have not.

The production of the EP was great fun (producing with other artists is always great fun), and we really stumbled upon some fantastic inspiration. Dani Lacroix brought in drummer Carl Banks (with whom he had previously played in Captain Wilberforce), and I called upon my long-time collaborator, J. W. Greenwood to play guitar. Under my new alias, HARUKO, I programmed and performed electronic elements, as well as performing some additional guitars.

After the musical side of the production was complete, we called upon graphic designer Shaun Gordon to develop the logos and branding for the band. As HARUKO, again, I worked with the elements Shaun provided to create the EP artwork. If you want to know more about how the artwork was developed, head over to the HARUKO website, where I talk a bit more about the process.

And so there we have it. The EP is complete and will be released on June 9th. You can pre-order the EP now, and you will receive two tracks in advance of the release date, the rest being sent to you on the 9th. 

Alongside the release of Le Néon Noir’s EP, Ishikawa Records is officially being launched. I’ve had the idea for Ishikawa floating around in my head for quite a while now. At the moment it is still a concept that I hope will grow organically, but I would like to think of it more as a creative, independent community, where independent artists can work together to push forward in the music industry, without the shackles associated with bigger labels. As of now it is just Le Néon Noir, HARUKO and me who are “signed” to the label, but I am talking with some other artists, and the initial response seems to be that it is a good idea – one with which other artists would like to be involved. The Ishikawa website is now live, and you can head over to www.ishikawarecords.co.uk to find out more.

Ishikawa Records Logo

Finally, The Ancient Void’s album Forever Autumn Dusk Eternal,which I mixed, will be released on the 13th of this month!

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend, folks.