Hello there, 2014

Once again it seems as though I have neglected the website updates for an unforgivable period of time. Whilst it may appear that I have been hibernating I have, in fact, been extremely busy!

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you have had a thoroughly enjoyable festive period and are ready to hit 2014 head-on.


…what have I been doing since my Hallowe’en update?

Well, I have been working on three projects with three different artists, as well as planning more solo endeavours for the new year.

Firstly, an Atlanta based metal band called The Ancient Void asked me to mix their new album, which they arranged and engineered themselves. Geoff Uhal, one of the two main minds in the band, and I have been in contact with one another over the past couple of years and it was very flattering to be asked to work with him. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that I have had to do a considerable amount of “fixing it in the mix,” which is something I would normally try to avoid, but it has been an excellent opportunity for me to see just how much can be done in post-production (quite a lot, so it seems). Because Geoff and I have become friends over the past couple of years, an air of honesty has made the process so much more valuble to us both, and I have been able to request re-recordings of parts, as well as more useful formats, in order for us to get the most out of the project. There are a couple more pieces to mix, but the album is almost there, and it is something I will be proud to include in my discography. You will no doubt hear about the release here first, and I’ll be sure to include links to streaming previews when they are available.

The second project on which I have been working is with an artist in Boston. This could not be further from the sounds of The Ancient Void, and I love it in a completely different way. With this being his first project intended for release, he has not yet decided upon an artist name and, whilst it originally began as a project for which I would be the producer, it has quickly turned into a wholly collaborative endeavour. It is looking like it will be an EP of four pieces and it should be complete in late winter/early spring 2014. I’m getting to work with sounds and styles I would struggle to encorporate into my own music, but which I thoroughly enjoy hearing from other artists. This is one of the great aspects of being a producer – I get to work with so many different styles.

As with The Ancient Void, You can be sure to hear about the release details here first.

Finally, I am working with another artist from near Leeds. As with my collaboration in Boston, this will be the first proper release by the artist in the current guise, so an artist name has not yet properly been decided upon. This artist, however, has been very busy in one form or another for years and, incidentally, was the studio bassist on Captain Wilberforce’s Ghost Written Confessions. This new project is in its pre-production infancy, but we will start recording later this month.

As for my own endeavours of late, I have been trickling out a fair few items, including a series of live videos from performances in the “Over, Under” forest (the compiled version of which is here):

as well as an electroacoustic cover of Incubus’ great song, “If Not Now, When?”:

I wish I could share more with you right now, but as you can probably tell, I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up beforehand. With that being said, I will simply wish you all a happy new year once again.

Best wishes for you and everything you want to achieve in 2014!