Year: 2014

A vinyl, some stingrays, and a torn ligament.

I am aware that I consistently open my entries with an apology for the duration since the last, so I’ll make it an end-of-year resolution to stop that, not worry so much, and allow a bit of writing per month to be just fine. I hope you’ll agree.

This morning I was running on a treadmill and nearly keeled over. I think I have injured a ligament, so I am giving myself a quiet day, and I am excited to share all the recent news with you.

Over the past month, a lot has happened. Firstly, The test pressings of Dorothea’s Boat were dispatched, and over the weekend we’ve just had, they were heard, scrutinised, and ultimately approved. The pressing plant has been informed, and production of the final pressing is going ahead. I really cannot wait to share this music with you. 

Listening to the test pressing with J W Greenwood

Those of you who backed the crowdfunding project for the album will be receiving it on or before the release date. For those of you who missed the crowdfunder, but would like to get your hands on a copy, it is now available for pre-order in the shop. 

Whilst I’ve been working on the sound design for Of Shark And Man, director David Diley asked me to do a little underwater sound design, and the overall audio mix for A Ray Of Light II, which was preimered at Palma Aquarium, Mallorca, at the end of October to a captivated audience. Now, David has, along with Asociación Ondine, made the film available for you to stream. You don’t even have to leave this page, but please consider visiting to donate something to this great conservation effort. 

That’s all for now, folks! 

New Look Website and Dorothea’s Boat Details

Welcome to the new look website! In preparation for the release of Dorothea’s Boat, I felt it fitting to refresh the website’s image, and give it a lick of cyber-paint. Expect some changes to the content on various pages as time progresses, but for now, enjoy the scenery.

As many of you already know, the Kickstarter project to raise funds for the release of Dorothea’s Boat was a success, and I am very excited to have the wheels in motion with regards to sending all of the materials to the pressing plant. The lead in times for vinyl pressing are quite long at the moment, owing to the holiday rush, and the general increase in demand for vinyl releases.

With that being said, I am reluctant to announce an official release date just yet. I don’t want to have to rush around like I did with the previous two vinyl releases. This is the first time I have released a full length album in quite a while, so I want to do it right. Backers of the Kickstarter project will, of course, receive copies of the album as soon as they have been released from the pressing plant.

If you would like to see the final artwork for the vinyl release, there is a little update over on the Kickstarter project, and you can get to it by clicking HERE.

Dorothea’s Boat will be available for general pre-order soon enough.

There are many more things I need to do before the album is ready for release, so I shall keep this post short, but I would just like to extend my gratitude to those who backed the project. It feels so wonderful to be able to release the album, and even more so because I know that YOU want it to be released.

Until next time… 

Boats and Stingrays

After a whirlwind summer I feel a sense of familiarity with my new surroundings, and new and exciting opportunities are presenting themselves. It’s late on a Thursday evening here, and I have spent the day nearing the final stages of work on Of Shark And Man, as well as finally making some progress on my side project, HARUKO, which seems to have been sidelined in recent months.

The director of Of Shark And Man, David Diley, asked me to do a small amount of sound design and the overall mix of another underwater film, A Ray Of Light II. I jumped at the opportunity, and I am excited to hear that it will be premiered at the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca on 30th October. It will be available to stream online after that, and I believe the film will also be shown at festivals in the future. As soon as I can update the discography I will!

I want to keep this post relatively short, mainly because I am quite tired, but also because I feel as if I will have a lot more to write in just under two weeks, after the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign to release Dorothea’s Boat which has, incidentally, been made a Staff Pick by the Kickstarter crew.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far. I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels to know that you are excited to hear the music, and are willing to help make it a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you haven’t pledged yet, but would like to, the project ends on 23rd October at 8pm GMT. Still plenty of time to reach our goal, right?

Until next time… 

Let’s get some wind behind these sails

I’m writing this with a great deal of excitement, as I can now announce that my new album Dorothea’s Boat is ready for release!

This album will be the first physical release for Ishikawa Records, the label I started earlier in the year (which is now run my me and Mikey from Epilogues). Because Ishikawa is running as an independent co-operative label, I have decided that the best way to embrace music as a community is to make Dorothea’s Boat a crowdfunded project, of which pledgers can become a part – not just in the form of me saying thank you, but to the extent where you are actually in a position to help shape future releases!

Amongst the usual pledge rewards of albums, bundles and one-off performances, I would also like to present the opportunity for you to have your song mixed by me! As well as that, you also have the opportunity to choose your favourite song from the album and then request the stems of said song to create your own remix. Of all the remixes that are created and submitted, I will pick the one with which I connect most, and that will become the B-side of my next single. All other remixes will be compiled and made available to listeners online. On top of that, I will to award a generous cut of performance royalties (in the remixer’s favour) so that remix artists stand to make money from their work.

How can you help in other ways?

Aside from pledging on the Kickstarter page, you can help out by sharing the Kickstarter video, tweeting, telling your friends and, if you really want to go for it, update your facebook cover photos with the same cover on David Lawrie’s Facebook page, along with a link to the campaign in the description. The perfectly trimmed Facebook Cover image can be downloaded HERE