Music From Hotel Rooms

I’m currently in a strange bed in room 672 of one of the airport hotels in Manchester. Tomorrow morning (early) I will be flying, once again, to New York to work on new material and produce with some great artists, whilst being surrounded by the beautiful New England Fall.

Right now, though, I felt it an opportune moment to look back on what I have experienced and achieved during my English summer (and what a beautiful summer it has been).

I suppose the most prevalent accomplishment of recent months has been the release of my Storm Petrel EP on 7″ vinyl and digital download. I was very fortunate to have been awarded an Emerging Excellence award by The Musicians Benevolent Fund, which meant that I was able to release the EP independently. It has had some lovely reviews from lots of different sources, and I hope some more people will be able to publish their feedback. The best reviews, however, have been from the wonderful people I have met after shows. I can honestly say that my confidence has never been boosted in such a concentrated time-frame, so thank you all for your support. It means such a great deal, as always.

To coincide with the release I endured two nights of filming in the hottest two days of August to create the video for “Feline”. I am really pleased with how it came out, and Dom Smith from Soundsphere Magazine must have liked it, too. He made it one of his videos of the week!

I am currently working with a small team to create the music video for the actual song “Storm Petrel”, which I hope to be able to release later in the autumn. You can expect some more audio-visual delights before then, too! I’ve been quite busy with cameras and microphones this summer, and I have enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it.

Another project that I am excited about is one I started earlier in 2013. The promotional single for The Children’s Fire Movement has finally been released, and it is already receiving some generous support. All of the profits from the sale of the single are going back into the organisation, and therefore to the the charitable initiatives it supports. It’s a really great movement and I hope you’ll take some time to investigate further. You can get to the website HERE.

I also worked with good friends, The Rodeo Falls, to engineer and record a live EP in their rehearsal space (which is, incidentally, the same space we recorded the Meantime EP). I am not sure about the release date yet, but I’ll be sure to pass on the announcement when the band have officially made it.

I have played quite a few live shows this summer, and I am thrilled with the feedback I have received. J W Greenwood has become quite a fixture in my live ensemble, so much so that he has wormed his way into the studio to add guest instrumental performances on “Feline” and “Liquorice Root”.

Thank you to everyone who came to the EP launch on August 15th at The Duchess in York. I really hope you had a great time. It was wonderful to share the stage with a group of bands and musicians – all of whom I have some kind of connection to. Afternaut is an old friend who remixed “Over, Under” and he opened the night. I have obviously worked very closely with The Rodeo Falls throughout this year (with Marck being a friend for a long time now). They played a stripped down set of original material. White Firs were the main support and I used to work in the Music department of the school at which he studied. This what I love about music as a profession – it is comprised of small communities of artists working together to create exciting things!

I would really like to write more, but I should probably sleep before my flight tomorrow. I will no doubt write some more in another bulletin soon, but for now I bid you all goodnight.