Storm Petrel is OUT NOW

Gosh. These update articles are manifesting at later and later times. It is now 4.10am and I find myself in a state of (possibly self induced) insomnia. The last month and a half has been outrageously busy, which has made it difficult to update the website regularly. The last two days have been the first proper break I’ve had since landing back in England and I have quite a bit to fill you all in on!

Firstly, the Storm Petrel EP I have been mentioning over the past couple of months has finally been released on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital download. I am so grateful for the Emerging Excellence grant that Musicians Benevolent Fund awarded me in order to fund the release. The EP was released on 15th August alongside a launch show at The Duchess in York.

Thank you so much to all who either came to the show, ordered an EP, or both. Your support, as always, keeps me going.

To coincide with the EP I also released a video for the AA side, “Feline”.

Thanks to Dom Smith at Soundsphere for making it one of the videos of the week!

I have lots more audio-visual delights to share with you over the coming weeks and months, so please stay tuned!

In other news, I can also announce another exciting show for September. I shall be performing two shows at The Little Festival of Everything in the sleepy North Yorkshire town of Easingwold on 8th September. On will be a stripped down set with just hammered dulcimer, spanish guitar and voice. The other performance will be a full show on an outdoor stage. I will fill you all in on more details closer to the date.

My next show is on 26th August at Oporto in Leeds as part of Gaslight Club. Click on the LIVE section of the website for more information.

On Friday I had a wonderful day off exploring the “Over, Under” forest with my live guitarist, J W Greenwood, with whom I am also working on his solo music. He has just set up his official Facebook Music page, so please head over there to share some love by clicking HERE.

That’s all for now. I think I need to get to sleep!