Month: June 2013

Music from Airports

It is 10.18pm and I am sat in the departure lounge of JFK Airport’s Terminal 4, waiting to catch a flight back to England. The flight is an hour late and when I was checking in, the girl who took my bags said the reason it was late was because it was coming from London. I’m sure she didn’t mean to crack a joke, but it made me chuckle anyway.

Alas, I am sat here and, rather than twiddling my thumbs, I thought I’d write a little update for the website, seeing as it has been quite a while since I have had any spare time to do so. This, of course, is a good thing. It means I have been very busy beavering away in the studio!

I don’t want to give the whole game away right now, but those of you who are subscribed to my mailing list (the sign up form for which should be, quite handily, located to the right of this writing) will have seen a small announcement of a new EP coming out called “Storm Petrel” on vinyl and digital download. I’m still ironing out all of the details, but you can expect a bigger announcement within the next two weeks. For now, have a look at this picture and imagine the sound the instrument makes…

There has just been an announcement for boarding, so I shall continue this after take-off…

…and I’m back. I think I’m somewhere over Connecticut by now, and I can turn my laptop on again. We’ve just had the pilot on the intercom and he introduced himself as Richard Turpin. You couldn’t make it up.


In other news, I have been working closely with a composer in Boston, with whom I shall be producing a series of pieces for release later in the year. I’ll divulge some more about this when we’re a bit further into the process, but it is the first time that I will have done a production transatlantically – I am at once very nervous and very excited to see how this pans out.

Remember me mentioning a piece of music that I produced for a non-profit, community interest charity called The Children’s Fire Movement? Well the rebrand for the charitable company is nearly complete, the musical side of which is called ZeroCheifs. The single will be available later this summer. All profits will be go directly to the charitable causes that The Children’s Fire Movement supports.

You will be the first to know when you can get your digital hands on this release. It was partly recorded in Stratford-Upon-Avon with some lush strings by Tori Rushton and Marion Fleetwood, electric and bass guitars by Andy Michael Hatcher, vocals by Antony Chorlerton and percussion by Antony and yours truly. Liam Ledgeway of Lost From Atlas performed drums in a studio in Leeds, and the All Saints School Chamber Choir in York provided a youthful choral twist. I performed the piano and then took it over to Connecticut to mix. Andy Wilsonput the finishing touches with his mastering expertise.

I’m really excited about this release!

A few weeks ago I took a trip to California. I stayed in LA for the first half of the trip, and I took a ride out to Thousand Oaks to see an old friend.

Ten years ago I came for my first trip to the USA, and part of said trip took me to the famous Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. A shop assistant, Jeremy, sold me a lovely PRS Custom 22 (I was trying this guitar out whilsst sat next to, and jamming with, Wes Borland). Jeremy and I have kept on and off contact since then and now he is the Director of Sales Programs for the entire company! GC Corporate is in Thousand Oaks, so I got a tour of the facility, and then he and I went for a sushi lunch in Malibu. Even on a holiday I can’t keep myself away from musical people!

After LA and Thousand Oaks, I took a trip to San Diego. I fell in love with La Jolla, but after only a couple of hours in the sun whilst Kayaking, I attained first degree (and in some parts, second degree) burns on my legs. So much so, that my ankles were swollen to the point that I could barely walk (and that’s not including the sting of any material touching my leg).


For the rest of the trip I had the wise words of Baz Luhrmann ringing in my ears.

DON’T make the same mistake I did. Wear sunscreen.

Anyway. I have the second half of Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth to keep me occupied for the remainder of the flight, but please keep checking back, connect with me on Facebook, or join the Mailing List (to the right) to be the first to find out about “Storm Petrel”, as well as summer live shows and all the other exciting things I’ve just mentioned.

Over and out!