In the meantime

Hello to everyone on this lazy Sunday morning. I’ve been talking about Marck and The Rodeo Falls quite a bit recently, and the EP I produced with Marck over summer is now available to hear and buy!

I really enjoyed working on this project – one that I hope will turn into more collaborations with Marck – because we were working in an unusual location (a chapel above a shop) and we were approaching it without any egos, arrogance or genre based prejudice. We simply did what felt right for the music. Stu Allan and Mark Waters from The Blueprints, who also used to perform with Marck in The Alpha Waves, stepped in to perform guitars and bass, and my good friend, the super skilled Liam Ledgeway of Lost From Atlas came in to hit some drums. Also helping out on piano was an old friend of mine, Alex Fish.

What first attracted me to Marck was his enticing, energetic and polished live show. When I heard demos of songs (of which he has around three albums’ worth) I knew that we had to work together. We had actually been talking about it for many months beforehand and everything came together for us to work on Meantime this summer.

Marck performing in York a few days before we started recording.