Month: October 2012

Marck and The Rodeo Falls

Wow. Over a month since my last update on here…

…with good reason!

I flew back over to the States a few weeks ago and hit the ground running. I’ve set up a new control room to compose and mix in, and have just worked on some sound design that has been sent for consideration by Soundtrack Cologne. I worked very closely with Lucy Claire Thornton on this one. She did the original score. It has been such a fun project because we both have backgrounds in composition and sound design, so it really did end up being a very, very collaborative effort – and a transatlantic one at that. Make sure you check out her websiteto hear some of her work!

Right now I am sat at a computer in North LA. I’ve been here meeting with various people, and all being well, there will be some new words for you to read about me very soon. I’m very excited about that. I’ll let you know as soon as things show up.

When I get back to Connecticut I will be getting straight on with mixing Marck and the Rodeo Falls’ EP, Meantime. Make sure you go to his Facebook page and click on ‘like’ to be kept up to date with the release schedule.

I think that’s about it for now… I’ll let you know when there are more interesting developments!

Farewell for now x