Month: June 2012

Galtres Festival

Another summer show to announce…

I’ll be performing at The Forest of Galtres Festival 2012 on Sunday 26th August.

This year the festival runs from 24th August – 26th August, and I’ll be playing alongside artists such as ASH, Adam Ant, Buzzcocks, Ocean Colour Scene, The Guillemeots and many more.

When buying tickets from The Galtres Festival website you can use this code to get a discount:


By using this code, not only will you be saving yourself some money, but you will also be supporting all of the artists involved with the festival!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

David Lawrie Live at Galtres Festival 2012

Over, Under OUT NOW

Everybody feel free to head over to the shop to get your digital hands on the first single from Dorothea’s Boat,‘Over, Under’.

It’s a digital download with bonus goodies that will only be audible and visible after download. Stay tuned for details of summer shows, but I can tell you now that I will be performing in London on 11th July. More details to follow…

Over, Under

The first single from Dorothea’s Boat, “Over, Under” will be released on Monday 25th June as an exclusive digital download.

For now, I have created my first mixcast/podcast which you can stream here. It’s the first of a series of mix/podcasts I will be doing to share with you the music that has been a part of my life since I can remember. There will be some significant ‘milestone’ pieces, guilty pleasures and some pieces that I just enjoy hearing

There is also one of the alternative versions of “Over, Under” on it.

I hope you enjoy!

Come back on Monday to get your digital hands on “Over, Under” with two exclusive B-sides!

Last Year

Head over to the discography section to see the newest addition to the David Lawrie family tree…

I mastered Stonehoof’s debut EP Last Year recently and it is now available to buy for whatever price you see fit on Bandcamp.

Go get!