Month: May 2012

Marianne’s Wish

A bit slow off the mark…

…but friend / colleague / past collaborator / guitar virtuoso / producer / Cypriot monster George Solonos’ new band Marianne’s Wish have released their debut album Add To Wishlist. You can order a hard copy here or a digital copy from the usual outlets. George has done an incredible job with this album!

The CD is £5 (free postage in the UK), or the download is £4.

A digital lie

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? You may have noticed that the Soundcloud player from the homepage on this site has been removed and that on my Soundcloud profile you will only see a set of a few pieces from Dorothea’s Boat. I hope you enjoyed it whilst it was available to stream! It is now off the radar until an official release schedule has been planned.

Good morning everyone!

The shop is currently being updated to cater for digital downloads as well as CDs. Right now Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment) is available to buy in both versions. Now if you purchase the CD from this site you will also get a free instant download of the album in whatever file format you like. Not only that, but you will receive high quality digital copies of both the original artwork booklet andthe previously unreleased Butcher Bull version!

The CD is £5 (free postage in the UK), or the download is £4.

Take your pick!