Month: November 2011

Liars goes digital (not that CDs aren’t digital, but you know…)

Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment)is now available as a digital download through iTunes, Amazon,and nearly all other digital download shops. It is also available on Spotify, Rhapsody and Napster etc.

If, like me, you still prefer hard media, there are still some first-pressing copies left in the store. Any orders made by December 14th will be posted to arrive before Christmas (within UK – outside of the UK might take a bit longer).

Again. Follow me on Soundcloud in order to hear Dorothea’s Boat in full, from 8th December.

A bargain at twice the price

To make way for the arrival of Dorothea’s Boat, Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers is on sale for �4.97 with free postage and packaging within the UK. If you haven’t already got it, now’s your chance to grab a copy of the first pressing (very limited numbers remaining) in time for Christmas – just head over to the store.

Liars will also be available on all good digital download retailers in two weeks time!

Don’t forget! Follow me on Soundcloud in order to hear Dorothea’s Boat in full, for FREE on 8th December, well before it will be released in 2012!

Belated Bonfire Bringings…

Happy belated Bonfire Night to everyone in England! It’s not a big thing here in the States (well… it’s not a thing at all), and that makes me sad. I hope wherever you were and whatever you were doing was fun, and everyone was safe. There are now a few pieces of music from my new album to stream over in the Media section, as well as a piece from my album with David Lines. The release date for both albums is still to be confirmed.

Don’t forget to go to my Soundcloud page and follow me there to hear new work first, as well as to hear Dorothea’s Boat in it’s entirety before it is released!