Month: October 2011

Time flies when there’s music to record

Wow. It has been over a month since this website was updated. That’s probably because a lot has been happening!

I am on the home straight with Dorothea’s Boat. I am expecting it to be completed by early December, but the powers that be will decide on when there is a physical release. That said, I have decided that if I get enough followers on my new sparkly Soundcloud page by the time the album is finished (and it will be within a couple of days either side of 8th December this year), then I will make the whole album streamable with private privileges for those following.

At the moment there are three pieces in a pre-touch-up-when-the-album-is-complete mix state, along with three pieces from my collaboration with David Lines – Parasol (which is also awaiting the powers that be to decide a release date).

So go to my Soundcloud page and click on follow. Have a listen. Leave some comments. Most importantly – pass it on and spread the word. If there are enough followers, then everyone will be able to hear Dorothea’s Boat in its entirety before it is released!

There is some more exciting news, but I’m not allowed to share it with you all yet…