Month: July 2011

Back to England

I’m coming back to England in a few days for 7 weeks…

…during which time I have many things going on!

On the 6th August I will be at Pyramid Gallery in York for the opening of Natalie Ward’s “The Tempest” Exhibition, featuring her abstract collages based around Shakespearean plays, with a distinctively aquatic theme. My new electroacoustic piece Not a Drop to Drink: Every Chance to Sink will be installed alongside her work for the duration of the exhibition. Head over to the Live section for more information.

I will also be rehearsing all month; putting together a live show before I perform at Alight Festival, which will be held at the Maize Maze near Thirsk. This will be the first time that any of the pieces from my forthcoming album have been performed. The website hasn’t been updated with this year’s line up yet, but head over to the Live where you will find accurate information. The show will be on the 10th September. Merchandise will be available, including the diminishing supply of the first pressing of Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment) and the VERY limited edition Hand signed and decorated T Shirt.

The live line up will be entirely different to how it was. Liam Ledgeway from Lost From Atlas; Jonny Greenwood and event organiser Phil Grainger will be joining me on stage along with a group of singers.

I hope you can all make it!

Also, remember that Captain Wilberforce’s new album Ghost Written Confessions is being released officially in August, so keep checking back on his website for information of shows around that time.

And that about covers everything…

…for now.