Month: June 2011

Considering the lilies

Happy Summer Solstice to all. Enjoy the longest day!

C P Stewart’s new collection of poems, Considering the Lilies,has recently been published by 6tHouse and is available at all good bookstores. If you prefer virtual shopping, then it is available on the Waterstones website, but has sold out at Amazon.

The more observant of you may have made a connection with the name to The Laughing Gravy, with whom I have worked, and you would be correct. Before creating the band, Stewart was a poet, and after disbanding, he returned to poetry and was quickly published in journals worldwide. Considering the Lilies is his second exclusive publication since disbanding The Gravy.

I’m sure he won’t mind my favourite excerpt being written here – it is one of the shorter poems from the collection:

Two Crows

and me.

Three mourners

in a stubble field.

One October morning.

Make sure you pick a copy up asap!

In other news, the August release of Captain Wilberforce – Ghost Written Confessions is getting closer and closer, and has already had airplay in the USA.

My collaboration with David Lines, Parasol, is completed – release date to follow.

I promise that I am working hard on Dorothea’s Boat…