Dale Perkins for sale

My mentor from when I studied my Master’s degree in Music Production, Dale Perkins, has made available his award winning electroacoustic compositions (including “Axe” – featuring source performances and recordings by yours truly) via his website www.daleperkins.co.uk in 16 bit 44.1kHz stereo waves – you can also stream mp3 versions of the pieces there.

Dale was a massive influence on the way I approach sound and sound design. I wrote and produced Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers (for voice and accompaniment) as the main body of my Master’s work under his supervision, and was constantly challenged to completely rethink the way popular music can be restructured harmonically, texturally, melodically and how so called ‘electroacoustic’ styles were not exclusively reserved for small circles of the high art elite. Suffice to say, I quickly learned how electronic manipulations of acoustic sound sources, when blended with instrumental performances, whilst completely abstracted from their original form, can indeed make much more sense sonically than combining completely electronic instruments with live instrumental performances – a notion I have developed in the two years since graduating, and used in production and composition work both as a solo artist and via commission.

I assure you that Dorothea’s Boat is very much back on track, and I can tell you that the balance of instrumental and electroacoustic is more even than any of my previous works. I can’t wait to finish it and let it set sail.

Anyway – enough time away from Logic and CDP. I’m going to get back to making music – and in the meantime I recommend that you head over to www.daleperkins.co.uk and have a listen!

Until next time…