More decibels, please…

The “Loudness Race” has been picking up pace in music production for digital formats for the last twenty nine years. In the past five or six years, sound balance and mastering engineers have begun to admit the damage it is doing to the quality of the recorded products and the dire reduction of the dynamics in modern music. In the last year or two, even the listener, to whom the “loudness” was originally supposed to appeal has begun to publicly acknowledge the poor quality of modern productions.

Grammy-winning engineer/producer Charles Dye, artist John Ralston, and studio owner Allen Wagner have founded a non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness of the problems the “Loudness Race” brings, and to devise a way of certifying audio recordings as suitably dynamic. The organisation is called Turn Me Up!

This is NOT a fascist production organisation to remove pumping metal records from shelves, but an incentive to promote a suitable dynamic range and output level based on artistic decisions, rather than pointless competition. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, producers, mastering engineers, composers, arrangers and (especially) listeners to support an organised effort to increase the quality of the music being produced!

Please go to the Turn Me Up! website, and join this wonderful project!