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Vineyard Films & Entertainment Ltd. is proud to announce the management of David Lawrie…

Official press release:

David is distinction standard Master’s degree graduate of Leeds College of Music, having studied under the world famous pianist and conductor Dr. Randall Whittaker, and the award winning composer Dr. Dale Perkins. So far he has worked with artists such as Vaughan King, Sulphur Generation, Idiophonic, Coreline and The Laughing Gravy.

After working his way to the top of his field, David is ready to release his solo project, involving a chamber choir for a live performance of his recent album in the BBC Venue in Leeds, towards the end of 2009. We are then preparing an extensive array of live performances across the UK and Europe in 2010.

Influences include: Tool, Pink Floyd, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Aphex Twin and Martin Grech to name but a few.


2008 Liars, Charlatans, Jinxmongers
2007 Akuma/Tenshi

Official webpage:

Style of music: Alternative, Experimental, Progressive

Quotes from the press:

“Beyond Categorisation… Each play reveals new layers… Transfixing”
Lee Edwards, Electric Ghost

“David Lawrie’s music is some of the most original work I’ve heard this year”
Michael Stavrou, producer, The Rolling Stones

For inquiries and bookings please contact:
Manager: Anna Georghallides


Cyprus: (00 357) 99559137 London: (0044) (0) 208 1336947
Fax: (00 357) 22665186