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Music Production

Music production is very commonly misunderstood, and with good reason. Music production isn't really just one thing. it is a combination of processes to take music in the form of an idea to the form of a complete musical product.

A producer's "role" is also variable but, overall, the producer ensures that a project runs from conception to completion by bringing out the best of the personnel and resources at hand. This might involve organising a huge team involving the artist/band, arranger(s), studio time, engineers, assistant engineers, sound balance (mix) engineers, a financial department, a record label's expectations and where the mix goes to be mastered. By the same token, a producer's role when working with either an independent artist, a small budget or a project that requires a more "hand made" feel will often result in delegating work to fewer roles, and in many cases the producer will also (co)arrange, (co)write, engineer and mix the project. There are so many combinations of what a producer's role might consist of.

I tend to work very closely with artists to make the most of a budget. If a budget can't stretch to a studio and a producer, I would always recommend opting for the producer seeing as recording on location, rather than in an often sterile studio, is both very fun and very rewarding, with results that are truly unique. Whilst I have produced in studios before, most of my productions with other artists have been recorded in a location where I have set up my equipment and we have had the opportunity to explore brand new spaces together. With virtual studios becoming increasingly versatile, and their associated hardware becoming smaller and smaller, the opportunity to make use of unusual spaces as legitimate recording facilities has never been so attainable. An example of this is Mark and the Rodeo Falls' EP Meantime, which was recorded in a chapel above a grocery shop!

When working with me we can call upon my network of musicians and artists if the project calls for wider collaboration, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you and I will work closely to make sure your music is realised in the best possible way.

After working together, we would stay in touch in order to push the work out to a wider audience and to make the best use of both of our contacts for the project. Making a piece of music is one thing, but making it worth your while is another! I am proud to have maintained close and fruitful working relationships, and good friendships, with nearly all of the artists that I have worked with so far - a trend I'd like to continue.


For a description of a hypothetical production project, have a read of the Production Process page.


It is difficult to put a "rate" here, so please get in touch via the contact form so we can discuss your plans, your budget and how best to marry the two. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much can be achieved on a modest budget…