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Storm Petrel EP

9th October 2013

Overall, I found "Storm Petrel" to be a worthwhile listening experience … one that stirred the heart whilst entertaining the mind with vivid word-pictures. I could quite happily listen to the music on its own … the instrumentation contained within being something of wonder. However, with the addition of Lawrie’s vocals, something beautiful is formed … something magical and unique … something it is hard not to love.

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Monolith Cocktail
23rd August 2013

Piquing my interest with 'Over, Under' a while back, composer of nuanced chamber electronica, David Lawire is back with a new mini-EP, Storm Petrel. Continuing to merge classical instrumentation with atmospheric rich synthesised washes and rasping baselines, Lawrie once again draws on loss and the pains of being pure of heart, to produce three more soothing, majestic paeans.

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Drunken Werewolf
22nd August 2013

David Lawrie is one of those [composers] who seamlessly integrates acoustic and electronic elements in his music…

…Storm Petrel shows David Lawrie as an artist and songwriter who's emerged from a phase of relentless experimentation as one who's found his voice. Storm Petrel is recommended for folks who like their indie pop on the experimental side, and who can appreciate some well-crafted soundscapes, outstanding production values and a generous dose of good old-fashioned melodrama.

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the 405
16th August 2013

Featured as part of New Music Friday: 16th August 2013 on 40.5

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Art Rocker
31st July 2013

David Lawrie is a self-confessed composer and you can hear it in the music. His latest effort - Storm Petrel EP - consists of interesting sounds, intellectual productions and a sense of experimentation. Like a scientist at work he takes samples from sounds he finds in his own surroundings - both the creaking floorboards of his New York Apartment and the slamming garage doors of his North Yorkshire home feature in the record as punctuations in the busy and technical sound he has created. This sound is in fact extremely good.

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