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On Borrowed Time

8 Tracks - 2008
Written by J Harbourne
Arranged by J Harbourne and David Lawrie
Engineered, mixed and produced by David Lawrie

J Harbourne's debut Album.

J Harbourne and I go way back. We went to school together and have been jamming, performing and composing together, on and off, since our mid-teens. We were even in a band together, Solstice, at one time. J is the quintessential English gentleman - and his music doesn't do a particularly good job of hiding the fact. I always loved the eloquence of his songwriting, and so, I was very happy when the opportunity to work together in the studio, with my new found skills (having just finished a Bachelor's degree in Music Production), presented itself.

This was the first record I completely produced for someone other than myself.

J had produced various demos of each song on this album (and more), but for us to collaborate effectively, we stripped the pieces to their barest essentials and rebuilt them together. I was maybe a little naïve as to what I was actually capable of, from an engineering point of view, whilst working on the album, but I am still very proud of what we achieved together. Even though the production might be a little rough around the edges at times, and the arrangements might be a little too full, I learned so much from producing On Borrowed Time.

J is part of Tortoise in a Nutshell - a Theatre company who has had great success in the past few years, as a writer and composer.

We also worked together in the studio to produce the soundtrack and sound design for Tortoise in a Nutshell's production The Last Miner.


  1. Borrowing Time
  2. Photograph Pt. i
  3. Towel-Man of Biakpa
  4. Enough to Worry About
  5. Anymore
  6. Bad Weather
  7. Photograph Pt. ii
  8. Transmission
  9. Bonus Track